Frequently asked questions about custom wines

Custom wines and more

Our personalised wines are ideal for corporate gifts (think of them as a delicious business card), weddings (for bonbonniere and as a great value and unique offering at the table), birthdays (a fun talking point at the party), fundraising (click here for more info), for restaurants and cafes, or just to say thanks using your Instagram snaps.

Some questions

How do I order personalised wine?

Use our Label Builder tool to design a label using our templates or design your own from scratch. You can upload images from Facebook, Instagram or your computer, then edit text and change colours to create your label. From there you select the wines you want and place your order.
We’ll add necessary wine info and get busy printing and applying the labels and getting the bottles to you ASAP.If you get stuck, have any questions or want to order heaps head over to our Quote page and we’ll get you some help.

What images can I use?

Anything not too naughty. It needs to be a decent size to print well. Images taken off a web page are usually too small. You’ll get an error message when trying upload an image that’s too small so remember that – on this occasion – bigger is definitely better.

What do your custom wines cost?

A single bottle or personalised wine starts from $40. That’s printed, labelled and packaged. There are serious discounts with multiple bottles.
Order a dozen of the same wine and you’ll save over 50%. For large orders get in touch here and we can talk turkey. Gobble Gobble.

Are the wines any good?

First and foremost we are wine experts and take great care in sourcing all our wines. We’ve been in business since 2004 and have had great feedback over the years. If you have any doubts at all, we are happy to arrange a tasting or sell you just a bottle or two from our range here so you can be reassured of the quality.

What size are the labels?

The most common sizes we use is are 7 x 10 cm and 10×10 cm as these cover all bottle sizes. In saying that, we are flexible and can use any size, including wraparound labels. Contact us here if you have any questions.

What if I don’t like The Wine Point’s wine label templates?

We offer more than just the templates found in the Label Builder. There are a heap of examples of previous labels we’ve produced here. If you don’t like it then we’re cool with that. If you’ve got an idea of what you want then send us your image/logo and text and we’ll get a single draft to you. We reserve the right to charge you for design work, or you could always design it yourself…

Can I design the label myself?

Of course! Send us your artwork (as a pdf, eps or high res jpg please). Label size is up to you, 7 x 10 cm is the most common, if you want a bigger label you might want to check the bottle shape with us to make sure the label will fit.

Does the wine information have to be on the labels too?

Yes. We can’t send out wine without the legal details of alcohol content, standard drinks and additives. Orders via the Label Designer will have this info added. If you design your own label we can always add the legal info with a small back label. So don’t let that stop you. All our wines labels also include our web address.

Are there any colour restrictions?

No, there is no restriction, though printing is digital so while we cannot guarantee exact colour replicas the representation is always very precise. If sending your own artwork please save it as CMYK files.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order is a single bottle using the Label Designer but it is much cheaper to get them in lots of 12.

Can I order a mixed dozen?

Yes but there is an extra labelling charge for mixed dozens.

What wine can I personalise?

Any wine that is listed in The Wine Point range here can be personalised. No, we can’t personalise Penfolds Grange.

How long does it take?

Only a few days, sometimes quicker if you ask us nicely. We’ll let you know if there’s going to be a delay. Expect it to take a bit longer around Christmas time. And best to let us know if you’re in a hurry.

Can I get labels only and no wine?

Sorry, no, this is not something we do. Now is also a good time to mention that our wine is probably better than the one you have 😉

Can I have a bulk discount?

Sure, if you order a big amount we can talk turkey. If you are a restaurant looking at wine then please get in contact.

What text can I have on the label?

Anything really, as long as it fits on the label, isn’t illegal or particularly offensive. We actively encourage tacky if that’s your thing.

I didn’t find the answer to my question

We love questions. In fact, we just love a chat. If you have any more queries then email or call!