Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project

The Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project is the University of Sydney’s major archaeological excavation in Cyprus, at the World Heritage listed site of Nea Paphos. Since 1995 the team of Australian archaeologists have worked with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus uncovering and studying the remains of the ancient theatre used for performance for more than six centuries between 300 BC and 365 AD. As well as being a major research project, the excavation has provided training for hundreds of Australian university students. Your support will help the excavations and research continue. Our unofficial mascots are two Roman marble relief griffins of the second century AD. You can learn more about the excavations at All of these wines are Paphos labelled wines sourced from boutique vineyards & wineries throughout Australia & New Zealand. They are true to regional & varietal style, are delicious, offer outstanding value for money and come with a money back guarantee. Minimum order is 6 bottles and you can mix your orders from the selections below. Enjoy!

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